What is laser welding? Things to know about laser welding technology

Laser welding technology is becoming increasingly popular in the field of mechanical processing. Laser welding is a method of joining materials using laser light, creating precise and strong welds. Currently, there are many laser welding methods applied, each method brings its own advantages, meeting the diverse production needs of the industry.

Exploring Laser Welding Technology What is it?

Laser welding is an advanced welding method that uses lasers to join metal components. The laser is created to be intensely focused at a specific point. This heat concentration allows for deep, precise and fast welding, with higher efficiency than many other traditional welding methods. Laser welding technology not only provides strong material connection but also ensures better product quality, increases production efficiency and minimizes material waste.

Hàn laser

Laser welding

How the Laser Welding Process Works

The laser welding process operates based on two basic modes: conduction-limited welding and keyhole welding. For each of these modes, the way the laser beam interacts with the material will vary depending on the energy density of the beam being directed at the workpiece.

In conductive limited welding, the power density is usually less than 10^5W/cm2. The laser beam only penetrates the surface of the material without penetrating it. As a result, conductivity-limited welds typically have high width and depth, creating strong and stable bonds.

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Laser welding typically uses higher power densities, typically > 10^6 – 10^7 W/cm2, through a keyhole mechanism. When the laser beam is focused into a small enough spot, the material in the beam’s path melts and vaporizes, creating a cavity called a ‘keyhole’. The vapor or plasma generated from this keyhole prevents the collapse of the molten wall, improving the welding process.

Furthermore, this keyhole formation improves the coupling of the laser beam to the workpiece. The deep penetration welding process is performed by moving the keyhole or moving the joint against the laser beam, creating welds with a high depth to width ratio, ensuring a solid and quality connection. high for processed products.

Cách Hoạt Động của Quá Trình Hàn Laser

How the Laser Welding Process Works

Explore Popular Types of Laser Welding Machines

On the market today, there are a variety of laser welding machines, classified based on the type of laser and laser source used.

Classified by Laser Type

Pulsed Laser: Laser welding machines use pulsed laser technology, which produces short, high-energy pulses, suitable for applications requiring high precision and speed.
Continuous Laser: In contrast to pulsed lasers, laser welding machines use continuous laser technology, creating continuous and stable light, suitable for welding processes that are continuous and require high stability.

Laser Liên Tục

Continuous Laser

Classification According to Laser Source

Fiber Laser Welding Machine: Among the range of laser sources, fiber laser welding machine is one of the most popular choices. Laser light is generated in an optical fiber and guided to the work piece by a flexible distribution fiber. This versatility makes fiber laser welding machines suitable for many applications such as cutting, welding, marking and laser engraving.
CO2 Laser Welding Machine: CO2 laser welding machine uses CO2 gas as the laser source to generate laser light during the welding process. This type of machine is often used for large industrial applications and requires large capacity.
ND: YAG Laser Welding Machine: ND: YAG laser welding machine uses a laser beam from an ND: YAG crystal to produce laser light. These welders are commonly used for medical, electronics, and positioning applications.

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Máy Hàn Laser ND

ND Laser Welding Machine

Among the above laser sources, fiber laser welding machines are especially popular because of their versatility and high performance in many metal and non-metal processing applications.

Explore the Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Welding

Advantages of Laser Welding

Laser welding offers a series of significant benefits over traditional welding methods:

Fast Welding Speed: Laser welding is often faster than other welding methods, especially when welding thick materials, helping to increase production efficiency.
High Weld Quality: Welds produced by laser beam welding are typically of high quality, ensuring a strong and uniform bond across the entire weld area.
Easy Automation: For high-volume applications, the laser welding process can be automated, saving time and labor.
No Electrodes Required: Laser welding does not require the use of electrodes, reducing the costs and risks associated with electrode replacement and maintenance.
Air Welding Capability: Laser beams can be transmitted through air, eliminating the need for a vacuum environment, increasing flexibility and cost savings.

Disadvantages of Laser Welding

Although it brings many advantages, laser welding also has some disadvantages:

Requires High Skill: Laser welding method requires welders to be highly skilled to create beautiful and accurate welds.
Low Conversion Efficiency: The energy conversion efficiency in laser welding is often very low, only about 10%, increasing operating costs.

Applications of Laser Welding

Laser welding is widely used in many industrial fields, including:

– Welding steel types such as carbon steel, HSLA steel, and stainless steel.

– Welding aluminum and titanium.

– The automotive industry is one of the fields that mainly uses laser welding.

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– Other high-volume manufacturing sectors also utilize laser welding to increase performance and product quality.

Ứng Dụng của Hàn Laser

Applications of Laser Welding

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