What is laser engraving? Learn about laser engraving technology in life

In today’s era, using laser engraving technology on objects has become a popular trend. This popularity is not a coincidence, but a result of the incredible advantages that this technology brings. Let’s explore what laser engraving technology is and the great applications it brings in everyday life.

What is Laser Engraving method?

Laser engraving is a method of using laser light to create patterns or writing on the surface of materials. By focusing laser energy on a certain point, laser engraving can cause the surface of a material to burn or change structure, creating patterns, writing or images.

Currently, laser engraving machines are often connected to computers and controlled by special software. This allows the user to adjust the machine to create desired engraving patterns, from complex patterns to simple letters. Design files are created through graphics software such as Photoshop, CorelDRAW, or AutoCAD.

In Vietnam, laser engraving technology is widely applied in many fields, from gift production to barcode engraving or labels. With the ability to work on a variety of materials such as metal, wood, mica, glass, and plastic, laser engraving is becoming an important tool in industry and services.

Khắc Laser là gì

What is Laser Engraving?

Advantages of laser engraving

The advantages of laser engraving technology that many people prefer include:

– The laser beam is capable of focusing power at high density, ensuring maximum precision and smoothness when engraving.

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– Laser engraving machines are capable of working on many different types of materials from metal to non-metal such as glass, plastic, and mica.

– Mechanical effects have little effect on the product’s deformation when engraved.

– The heat deformation process takes place quickly, creating sharp cuts and high precision.

– Laser engraving technology does not cause loud noise, creating favorable working conditions for employees.

– The amount of dust generated when using this technology is less than with mechanical methods, improving the working environment for workers.

Ưu điểm của khắc laser

Advantages of laser engraving

Popular laser engraving methods

Currently, there are many laser engraving methods used, but not all methods are the most effective. Below is an introduction to the 4 most optimal laser engraving methods:

Fiber Laser engraving technology

This technology uses fiber optic cables to transmit light rays, then the light rays will be focused by a lens on the surface of the material. There aren’t any moving parts like a regular CO2 laser engraver. Using this technology for sheet metal processing brings many great benefits to users.

khắc Laser Fiber

Fiber Laser engraving technology

CO2 Laser engraving technology

CO2 laser marking machine uses CO2 energy and electricity to produce high quality laser beams. The use of this technology allows for smoother surfaces when cutting thick materials, bringing great benefits to users.

Laser CO2

CO2 Laser engraving technology

Surface removal engraving technology

This method involves peeling off the surface layer of the material to create a colorless incision on the inner material layer. This helps create cutting strokes without affecting the material inside.

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khắc Surface removal

Surface removal engraving technology

Color change engraving technology

This method creates a color change effect on the material based on a thermal process or foaming on the surface of the material due to the absorption of laser light. This method creates beautiful color effects and can produce a variety of colors depending on the material.

khắc Color Change

Color change engraving technology

Practical application of laser engraving technology

Laser engraving technology today is widely applied in many different fields such as electronics, medicine, aerospace, and automobile industries. One of the most common applications is cutting metals such as tungsten, aluminum, steel, brass, or nickel, thanks to its ability to produce clean cuts and smooth surfaces.

However, one of the greatest applications of laser engraving technology is in the field of surgery. Laser beams replace scalpels and are used to cut tissue, which is especially important in surgeries that require high precision such as eye surgery.

Ứng dụng thực tiễn công nghệ khắc laser

Practical application of laser engraving technology

The above information helps you better understand laser engraving technology. If you need to find a reputable, low-cost laser engraving unit on all materials, come to Hoa Giang Stainless Steel‘s laser engraving service. We believe that our service and customer care will not disappoint you!

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