What is stainless steel etching? Learn about stainless steel etching method

Since ancient times, people have started using different methods to process metal, such as using heat to bend it to their liking or touching it to create patterns on products.

Nowadays, if people want to create patterns on metal surfaces like stainless steel, they will use etching technology.

And stainless steel products created using etching technology are often called stainless steel etching. So what is stainless steel etching? How many etching methods are there in decorative stainless steel patterns? Let’s find out through this article.

inox etching
inox etching

1. What is stainless steel etching?

In English, “Etching” is a word with many different meanings, depending on the context and field of application. In the field of refrigeration, this word is often understood to mean the etching or etching process. In the electronics and telecommunications industries, “etching” often refers to the etching process.

Stainless steel etching

However, the concept of “etching” is not simply the etching of metal surfaces with acid, but also a creative technology or technique to create patterns, writing, or images on the surface. of materials.

In the field of interior and exterior decoration, using the “etching” technique on stainless steel panels not only creates unique patterns but also shows sophistication and creativity in design.

With a combination of technique and art, the etching process on stainless steel has become a favorite method of creating decorative accents for living and working spaces, while enhancing the beauty and elegance of the this metal material.

inox etching trang trí thang máy
Stainless steel etching decorates the elevator

2. Learn about the method of creating stainless steel etching

After we have learned detailed information about the applications and properties of stainless steel etching, the next step is to further explore the etching technique. Learning about this technique will help us understand more about how to highlight details on the surface of stainless steel plates.

2.1 Learn the meaning of etching in acid etching technique for patterned stainless steel plates


In acid etching technique, using etching on patterned stainless steel plates plays an extremely important role and brings many meanings:

– Create complex patterns and details: Etching allows creating complex patterns, images and details on the surface of stainless steel plates accurately and sharply. Through the acid etching process, unwanted areas of the stainless steel plate are removed, leaving behind the desired textures and patterns.

– Increase aesthetics: Applying etching technique to patterned stainless steel panels helps create highly aesthetic surfaces. The created patterns can make the product unique, stand out and attract the viewer’s attention.

– Increase quality and value: Stainless steel plates made using acid etching techniques often have higher quality and better durability than other manufacturing methods. This not only increases the value of the product but also enhances its usability in a variety of applications.

– Product diversification: Applying etching to patterned stainless steel panels allows creating many different designs and styles, from traditional patterns to modern and unique designs.

inox etching thang máy
stainless steel elevator etching


In summary, etching in acid etching technique plays an important role in creating patterned stainless steel plates with high aesthetics, good quality and diverse designs, thereby enhancing the value and appeal of the product. Products.

2.2 Process of creating stainless steel etching

The etching process to produce decorative stainless steel usually includes 5 steps as follows:


Step 1: Make a pattern design board for stainless steel

In this step, the manufacturer will design the pattern on the computer and will put the final design board into the printer to create a printed board placed in the mold. This step will help shape the position of the pattern that will be engraved on the stainless steel plate.

And this is considered an extremely important step because any errors in this step can cause serious problems and delay or destroy the perfection of the final product.


Step 2: Shape the pattern on the stainless steel plate

After completing the preparation of the mold, technicians conduct a thorough cleaning, removing all dirt and impurities from the surface of the mold. This is important to ensure that nothing interferes with the subsequent etching process.

The etching process creates ihnox patterns


Then, the mold is carefully placed on the stainless steel plate, shaped and firmly fixed before being put into the industrial machine. Thereby, the machine will spray specialized ink at pre-calculated positions on the stainless steel surface, based on the shaped mold.

This process not only helps create protected areas from acid corrosion, but also ensures that acids only corrode specific, predetermined locations on the stainless steel surface.

inox etching hoa văn
stainless steel etching patterns


This step helps increase the accuracy and efficiency of the etching process, while ensuring that the final product will be of high quality and achieve the expected results.


Step 3: Engrave patterns on stainless steel with acid

In this step of the process, the acid solution will be sprayed evenly onto the surface of the stainless steel plate, corroding areas not covered by specialized ink.

This process allows the acid to act aggressively, creating the desired patterns and details on the surface of the material. When the acid corrosion process is completed, the machine will continue into the cleaning phase to remove remaining acid residues on the stainless steel surface.

This step not only helps protect the safety of technicians performing specialized ink layer removal, but also ensures cleanliness and safety for the next process.

After that, the stainless steel plate will be thoroughly dried and cleaned to complete the pattern creation process and move on to the next steps of the process.

Step 4: PVD color coating for stainless steel panels

In cases where stainless steel plates require color coating such as gold, silver and other colors, technicians will perform a color spraying process on the surface of the stainless steel plate according to specific requirements.

This process is often done using PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) plating method, a color layer with a thickness of about 170 to 180 nm will be sprayed onto the surface of the stainless steel plate.

The PVD plating method is a physical evaporation and deposition process, performed under vacuum conditions, that helps create smooth and uniform color coatings on stainless steel surfaces.

This process not only brings beautiful colors but also increases the durability of stainless steel, creating a shiny and more durable surface, suitable for many different applications. This makes color-coated stainless steel products more attractive and diverse in design and decorative applications.

Step 5: Check, clean and apply glue

In this final step, the stainless steel plate will be cleaned before being put into the glue coating machine. After applying glue, technicians will check again and finish the etching process.


3.Applications of stainless steel etching

Stainless steel etching has many applications in many different fields such as:

Furniture: Stainless steel etching is often used to make interior decorations such as stairs, railings, dining tables, chairs, lamps, and other household items.
Architecture: In architecture, patterned stainless steel is used to create decorative details for buildings such as gates, fences, doors, columns, and statues. The versatility and diversity of patterned stainless steel allows it to be created into complex shapes and patterns, making architectural projects unique and luxurious.
Exterior decoration: Patterned stainless steel is also often used to decorate the exterior of buildings such as villas, restaurants, hotels, and tourist areas. Stainless steel’s durability and corrosion resistance make it an ideal choice for exterior applications.

Stainless steel etching decorates the elevator


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