What are the harmful effects of choosing to buy poor quality stainless steel?

Stainless steel has always been considered one of the important materials used in many architectural, construction, interior and exterior decoration projects. Therefore, to compete with prices in the market, many units will use poor quality stainless steel.

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Harmful effects of poor quality stainless steel

Through this article, let’s join Hoa Giang Inox to learn about the harmful effects of buying poor quality stainless steel.

Harmful effects of choosing to buy poor quality stainless steel

On the market, stainless steel is one of the most easily counterfeited materials. To compete on price and increase profits, some manufacturers do not hesitate to use low-quality metals and apply poor quality plating techniques.

In particular, in production, nickel – a main component of stainless steel – often has a very high price. To reduce this high cost, manufacturers replace nickel with cheaper metals such as manganese.

However, this leads to reduced corrosion resistance of the material. In addition, to fake stainless steel, manufacturers often use metals such as iron and steel, coated with a thin layer of chromium or nickel.

Harmful effects of buying poor quality stainless steel


Fake stainless steel is often made from steel or iron, then covered with a thin layer of copper or chromium. The consequence of this counterfeiting process is that the product is often not aesthetically pleasing.

Although the product initially has a shiny appearance, after a period of use, fake stainless steel products will often lose their shiny beauty, change color and lose their aesthetics.


Poor quality stainless steel has main ingredients of steel and plated iron. But steel and plated iron are not as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel, leading to the product not being able to maintain its sturdiness and aesthetics over time.

Furthermore, with the possibility of corrosion from environmental factors such as sunlight, rain, and chemicals, poor quality stainless steel products easily rust, reducing safety and losing their original beauty. start when using.

This not only loses the value of the product but also affects the product’s lifespan.

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Consequences of using poor quality stainless steel


One of the outstanding strengths of stainless steel is its ability to resist magnetism. Because of this characteristic, stainless steel becomes the ideal choice for many projects and applications.

However, when using poor quality stainless steel, this property is often significantly reduced because most of the materials are made from steel and plated iron.

How to distinguish good quality stainless steel from poor quality stainless steel

Here are some common ways for us to distinguish quality stainless steel from poor quality stainless steel:

Based on shine

To distinguish quality stainless steel we can apply a series of methods and test physical characteristics. Because real stainless steel often has a higher shine and smoothness than fake stainless steel.

This can be observed by comparing the reflection of light on their surfaces. Genuine stainless steel often reflects light more clearly and evenly, while imitation stainless steel may appear more matte and less regular.

Besides, the durability and endurance of real stainless steel are often higher than fake stainless steel. When used over a long period of time, fake stainless steel can begin to fade and lose its original shine, while real stainless steel usually retains its shiny and smooth properties.

Some fake stainless steel products can even have their surfaces blown out, creating tarnished and tiny stains.

Use a magnet to test

One of the most common methods to recognize the quality of stainless steel is to use a magnet.

This method is often favored by manufacturers and consumers because of its simplicity and ease of implementation.

Just use a magnet and bring it close to the stainless steel product, we can quickly detect the presence of magnetism.

If the magnet sticks tightly or has strong attraction when brought close to the product, this shows that the product is not real stainless steel.

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Poor quality stainless steel

Because real stainless steel does not contain magnetic elements, it does not create the phenomenon of magnetic attraction. On the contrary, if the magnet only has a light attraction and does not stick tightly, that is a sign of real stainless steel.

However, it should be noted that not all stainless steels will exhibit the same level of magnetic attraction. The composition of stainless steel can vary, thereby creating different magnetic characteristics. Some types of stainless steel may not be able to attract magnets or only have very slight magnetization.

Use 70 degree hot acid or specialized test solution

Another method to test the quality of stainless steel is to use 70 degree acid. When this acid is applied to the surface of the product, fake stainless steel will often show a characteristic color change, which is dark black.

This occurs because the acid acts on non-stainless steel compounds on the surface, creating a chemical reaction that changes color. On the contrary, real stainless steel will retain its original color after exposure to 70 degree acid.

However, it should be noted that for fake stainless steel products plated with a thin layer of stainless steel such as 304 stainless steel, using 70 degree acid may not be as effective as expected.

Although there may not be any signs of a chemical reaction at first, over time this thin layer of stainless steel can peel off, revealing the metal inside and making it susceptible to corrosion and rust.

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Harmful effects of poor quality stainless steel

However, people are not encouraged to use this method to check stainless steel quality. Using 70 degree acid is not only dangerous but also unsafe for health.

Additionally, this method can also harm the environment and cause unnecessary product damage. Instead, other testing methods should be used, such as magnetic recognition or testing the surface and other physical characteristics of stainless steel products.

Some risks of choosing poor quality stainless steel suppliers

Using poor quality stainless steel not only brings common harmful effects but also brings the following risks:

Accidents during operation

Products made from poor quality stainless steel can cause accidents during operation. For example, in the food industry, kitchen equipment made from stainless steel that does not ensure quality can break or deform due to high pressure and temperature, causing danger to users.

In addition, in construction applications, using poor quality stainless steel pipes and accessories can lead to a decrease in durability and safety of the project.

Repair costs

Poor quality stainless steel is often susceptible to corrosion, rust and damage quickly after a period of use. This can result in having to pay a large amount of money to repair or replace damaged stainless steel parts.

In businesses and households, having to regularly maintain and repair equipment made from poor quality stainless steel can create a financial burden.

Reputable address providing high quality stainless steel

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Hoa Giang Stainless Steel hopes that through this article, customers will have more useful information about the risks and how to recognize low quality stainless steel, from which they can choose a construction unit and supplier of quality stainless steel. quantity.

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