What is stainless steel 430? Is 430 stainless steel good?

Currently on the market there are 4 types of stainless steel that are commonly and widely used: stainless steel 304, stainless steel 201, stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 430. So what is stainless steel 430? Is it good to use 430 stainless steel? Why is 430 stainless steel so commonly used in life? Let’s find out with Hoa Giang Inox right in the article below.

What is stainless steel 430?

Stainless steel 430 is a type of stainless steel in the Ferritic group, made up mainly of Chromium and Fe, with very low Carbon and Nickel content (only 0-0.75%). Therefore, although stainless steel 430 still has the durability and outstanding advantages of stainless steel, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel 430 is often much worse than the remaining stainless steel lines. Therefore, depending on the requirements of some products, we can apply 430 stainless steel appropriately to maximize the inherent capabilities of this type of stainless steel.

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Chemical composition table of stainless steel 430

Below is a table containing information about the chemical composition of stainless steel 430 and some other structural components of stainless steel 430:

Type C, ≤ Mn, ≤ P, ≤ S, ≤ And, ≤ Cr In Mo N, ≤ Other, ≤
430 0.12 1.00 0.04 0.03 1.00 16.0-18.0
430F 0.12 1.25 0.06 ≥0.15 1.00 16.0-18.0


Characteristics of stainless steel 430

Stainless steel 430 is a type of stainless steel with many outstanding characteristics and is widely used in a number of specific fields. Based on chemical composition, stainless steel 430 has the following characteristics:

  • Good heat resistance:

Stainless steel 430 has good heat resistance. It can withstand oxidation up to about 870°C. During continuous testing, stainless steel 430 can withstand heat up to 815°C. This shows that stainless steel 430 has high heat resistance.

When at room temperature, stainless steel 430 is brittle and breaks more easily. As the temperature increases, 430 stainless steel becomes more flexible and easier to bend. When heated to 400-600°C, the brittleness of 430 stainless steel decreases sharply. At the same time, 430 stainless steel is also made more flexible by annealing method.

  • Welding ability:

Stainless steel 430 has good weldability. 430 stainless steel welds can withstand temperatures up to 200°C. Metal welds can lose spin at temperatures around 790-815°C, but 430 stainless steel welds still retain good heat resistance.

However, stainless steel 430 should not be used to weld items or equipment that strictly require high rigor and sturdiness. 430 stainless steel welds tend to become brittle at room temperature and can affect the quality of the weld. The 430 stainless steel weld surface is also susceptible to cracking and damage when exposed to high temperatures and low pH environments.

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Is 430 stainless steel good?

Stainless steel 430 is considered the lowest quality stainless steel in the list of popular stainless steels on the market such as 201, 304, 316. When processed by welding, stainless steel 430 is not highly appreciated by industry experts. Because 430 stainless steel does not have the ability to withstand high pressure or strong impact environments. When 430 stainless steel works with large loads, this type of stainless steel cannot meet the requirements due to its low hardness and durability. Stainless steel 430 has good heat resistance, often used at high temperatures, but it becomes fragile and brittle when exposed to environments with temperatures below 0°C.

Does 430 stainless steel rust?

When we mention stainless steel, we often think of corrosion resistance. Terms such as “oxidation resistant,” “rust resistant,” and “wear resistant” are often associated with stainless steel. However, each type of steel has a different composition ratio, so the level of corrosion resistance is also different.

Compared to stainless steel 201, 304, and 316, stainless steel 430 has lower corrosion resistance. It is susceptible to rust faster and is easily affected by the external environment, causing rust and discoloration, losing aesthetics. However, stainless steel 430 has good corrosion resistance at high temperatures and in environments with mild corrosive levels. Stainless steel 430 is also good for use in environments that are not exposed to strong oxidizing agents.

Application of stainless steel 430

Stainless steel 430 has many popular applications in various industries and fields, including:

  • Construction industry: Stainless steel 430 has low resistance to corrosion and oxidation, so stainless steel 430 is often used in construction projects such as doors, stair handrails, elevator frames,…
  • Food and medical industry: Stainless steel 430 is widely used in the manufacture of equipment and machinery related to the food and medical industry such as food processing and preservation equipment. products, medical equipment and tools.
  • Household appliances: Stainless steel 430 has a shiny surface and good corrosion resistance, so it is often used for products such as refrigerators, dishwashers, gas stoves, microwave ovens and other products in the industry. household industry.
  • Automotive industry: Stainless steel 430 is used in the production of mechanical parts and other car components. Because of their corrosion resistance, they can be used in making gas tank caps, fuel system components and other car parts.
  • Chemical industry: Stainless steel 430 has good anti-corrosion and oxidation properties, so they are often used in chemical tanks, pipes and other equipment in the chemical industry.

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What is the market price of 430 stainless steel?

The price of stainless steel is often proportional to its quality. Because the quality of stainless steel 430 is often lower than other types of stainless steel in terms of hardness, durability and oxidation resistance, the price of stainless steel 430 is often cheaper than stainless steel 201 and 304. When the same product is processed Made from stainless steel 430 often leads to lower prices than products made from stainless steel 201 or stainless steel 304. In addition, the fact that stainless steel 430 does not contain nickel and molybdenum also contributes to making the price of stainless steel 430 cheaper. compared to other types of stainless steel.

Stainless steel processing unit upon request

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In the article above, Hoa Giang has helped you understand what 430 stainless steel is? and applications of 430 stainless steel in our lives. If you are looking to buy or are interested in machining stainless steel 430, please contact hotline 028.38485518 immediately, our customer service staff is always willing to answer questions and support customers quickly. and enthusiastic.

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