What is Nickel? Uses of nickel for stainless steel

What is nickel and what role does it play in this amazing material? How can we apply it in daily life? Also, is it harmful? The answers to these questions will be answered through useful information from Hoa Giang Inox.

What is Nickel?

What is Nickel? Nickel is one of five metals in the ferromagnetic group, also known as Nickel, with the chemical symbol Ni. Nickel is typically silver-white in color and often occurs as a compound. In its compound form, it does not react with oxygen gas, while its pure form is capable of interacting with oxygen.

Nickel has the characteristics of being hard, shiny, malleable and malleable, and it can melt at high temperatures, about 1455 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is widely used in daily life. Nickel’s chemical properties, with its ability to resist corrosion, make it an important ingredient in anti-rust products.

Khái niệm niken là gì

What is Nickel?

Is nickel toxic?

In terms of health, nickel is a two-faced metal. In some everyday foods, small amounts of nickel play an important role in metabolism, especially in the production of proteins, lipids, and important hormones. Nickel can be found in nuts, beans, chocolate…

However, exposure to or consumption of excessive amounts of nickel can lead to the risk of nickel poisoning. Nickel allergy symptoms often appear when exposed to imitation jewelry, buttons, or clothing accessories containing nickel through the skin, which can cause dermatitis, rash, and itching. More severe nickel poisoning can cause damage to organs such as the kidneys, liver, and lungs.

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Niken có độc hại không

Is nickel toxic?

What are Nickel Alloys?

Nickel-Chrome alloy: Alloys such as 600, 601, 625… with nickel content >50% have good anti-corrosion, heat resistance and strength properties.

Nickel-iron-chrome alloy: Common alloys such as 800H, 800HT have nickel content <50%, so they have moderate anti-oxidation, heat resistance, and strength properties.

Nickel-copper alloy: In addition to the above two cities, this alloy also contains small amounts of iron, silicon, magnesium, and caron. The percentage of nickel in alloys can be up to 70%, and they are often used in harsh environments, seawater environments, or environments exposed to chemicals and experiments due to their high resistance to oxidation. Common alloys include 401, 404, 405…

What is the nickel plating process like?

The nickel plating process is the coating of a layer of nickel on the surface of metals, such as iron and steel, to improve luster, brightness and cleanliness, while also preventing oxidation and increasing product value.

There are many nickel plating methods such as polished nickel plating, matte nickel plating, nickel-chrome plating, and chemical nickel plating. Before performing the plating process, the manufacturer needs to clean and smooth the metal surface, wash it with oil and meticulously conduct electrochemistry. Only then can the nickel plating process achieve the desired quality.

Quy trình mạ niken thế nào

What is the nickel plating process like?

What is the application of Nickel?

Nickel and nickel alloys have very diverse applications in all areas of life, from small items such as coins to professional equipment in the chemical and medical industries.

Jewelry: Nickel is used in jewelry and accessories to accompany clothing to create a fashionable look. With its durable, non-oxidizing, and shiny properties, the cost of nickel is often significantly cheaper than gold and silver, making nickel a popular choice in women’s jewelry.

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Coins: Most countries use a nickel alloy for coins, which helps prevent oxidation when coins are traded between many people, making them usable for long periods of time without continuous production.

Tiền xu niken

Nickel coins

Medical field: Nickel is used in the production of medical supplies, medical tools, and orthodontic braces, contributing to diverse medical applications.

Magnet, battery, and motorbike parts manufacturing industry: Nickel plays an important role in the magnet, battery, and motorbike parts manufacturing industry, with its magnetic properties and stable durability.

Keys, locks, hinges: In the field of manufacturing keys, locks and hinges, nickel is used to improve gloss and prevent corrosion.

Technology products: Nickel has applications in the production of mobile phones, laptops and other technology products, helping to improve the quality and durability of devices.

Stationery: Nickel is used in the production of office supplies such as paper clips and pushpins, enhancing aesthetics and preventing corrosion.

Kitchen industry: Nickel is used in the kitchen industry, from condiments to bowls and plates, helping to create anti-corrosion and beautiful products.

Stainless steel: Nickel plays an important role in stainless steel production, especially Austenitic stainless steel, helping to improve durability, prevent oxidation and create a smooth surface for stainless steel products.

What is the important role of Nickel in stainless steel?

Nickel plays an important role in the production of stainless steel, especially Austenitic stainless steel. Along with chromium, nickel plays an important and indispensable role, creating the outstanding characteristics of modern stainless steel.

Nickel helps create a shiny, smooth surface for stainless steel, while also stabilizing and increasing durability over time. Nickel’s inertness to oxygen also helps improve the oxidation resistance of steel, preventing corrosion from the surrounding environment.

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Depending on the steel grade, the percentage of nickel may vary, with an increase in the percentage of nickel meaning an increase in the oxidation resistance and durability of stainless steel. Nickel plays an important role in making stainless steel an indispensable material in many industrial applications and our everyday lives.

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What is the important role of Nickel in stainless steel?


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