The risks of choosing a supplier of poor quality stainless steel materials

Stainless steel has established its position in the range of raw materials, and with the increase in demand for stainless steel, many types of poor quality stainless steel have appeared on the market. What consequences can using fake stainless steel cause, and is there a way to distinguish and avoid the situation of “losing money but not getting quality”?

How to recognize poor quality stainless steel?

Aesthetic Review

Fake stainless steel is usually made from steel or iron, covered with a thin layer of copper or chromium. Therefore, products made from poor quality stainless steel often have poor aesthetics. Initially they appear shiny but after a period of use, the color becomes dull and can even change color.

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Aesthetic Review

Rating for Durability and Ruggedness

Because the main material is steel or plated iron, the quality and durability of the product will be affected. Poor quality stainless steel will not be reliable over time and is easily corroded by external factors such as sun and rain, causing rust, losing its sturdiness, safety and aesthetics when used. use.

Evaluation of Magneticity

Magnetism is one of the outstanding properties of stainless steel, but in poor quality stainless steel, this property almost completely disappears due to plating mainly from iron and steel.

Distinguish through Color

The surface of good quality stainless steel often has a dull color, while fake stainless steel often has a shiny color.

Use the Test Magnet

The simplest and most common way to distinguish real stainless steel from poor quality stainless steel  is to use a magnet. Put the magnet near the stainless steel product, if there is strong attraction and heavy pulling force, it is a sign of magnetism appearing, meaning the product is not real stainless steel. On the contrary, if the suction force is light and the pulling force is light, it is real stainless steel.

The Risks of Choosing a Poor Quality Stainless Steel Supplier

Risks when operating

Every day, many pipeline leak accidents occur, affecting daily life and human health. An example is the leak of a gasoline pipeline from the Day River petroleum port to the oil storage facility in Ha Nam, causing 1,000 liters of gasoline to spill into the rural residential environment, seriously affecting life and public health. copper. In addition, a chemical leak at Hurricane Harbor Splashtown water park, Texas, USA, also hospitalized 26 people. Although the cause has not been determined, it may be related to poor quality chemical-conducting stainless steel.

Ignoring environmental factors, the quality of steel pipe systems and maintenance have not received adequate attention, especially in the industrial stainless steel market with many products with competitive prices but not guaranteed quality.

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The Risks of Choosing a Poor Quality Stainless Steel Supplier

Repair costs

When the pipe system is not operational due to accidental leaks or pipe explosions, production will be delayed, causing loss of costs and productivity. Using low quality and cheap stainless steel will lead to the risk of work stoppage and high repair costs. If damage occurs frequently or for a long time, repair costs will skyrocket, which is one of the risks when choosing a poor quality industrial stainless steel pipe supplier.

On the contrary, using high quality industrial stainless steel pipes will increase initial costs but at the same time ensure quality. Pipes will operate durably, increase labor productivity and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Choose a High Quality Industrial Stainless Steel Supplier

Among the diversity of hundreds of suppliers on the market, choosing a high-quality industrial stainless steel supplier requires careful selection from the buyer. Product quality should be considered first, followed by price.

Industrial stainless steel systems play an important role in production and transmission activities. For stainless steel, meeting basic quality standards (ANSI, DIN, JIS, BS, EN) and standards of construction professionals is very important. Depending on the type of product and intended use, standards may change, and therefore, when shopping, customers need to be well informed about standards and technical indicators to be able to discuss and reach an agreement with the supplier.

High quality and reputable industrial stainless steel suppliers often provide complete information and support to customers during the construction and installation process. They advise on solutions and products that best suit customer needs, not just doing everything they can to sell. The relationship becomes a cooperative partnership, creating value for both parties.

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Choose a High Quality Industrial Stainless Steel Supplier

The origin of the product is also an important factor that customers need to pay attention to. Products of unknown origin or intentionally misleading customers with origin labels are often of poor quality. These poor quality stainless steel suppliers often commit fraudulent acts and do not provide accurate product information to customers.

When dealing with poor quality products, these suppliers often do not have a warranty policy, leaving customers to bear the cost of repair when an accident occurs with the pipes.

Furthermore, having a convenient warehouse and transportation system will help customers save time and transportation costs. Large-scale industrial stainless steel suppliers often have warehouse systems in large cities, optimizing the process of transporting products to construction sites, creating convenience for customers.

The above information is the basic knowledge that project managers and construction contractors need to know. Choosing a reputable industrial stainless steel supplier that provides quality products helps minimize repair costs and eliminate many unwanted risks. Inox Hoa Giang hopes that customers will find a partner providing high quality 304 stainless steel pipes and 316 stainless steel pipes to together create more value and success for construction projects.

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